Bully Free

by Dusty Nix & iD the Poet

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released May 20, 2011

The album art is from a painting by San Diego artist Eric Wixon. www.ericwixon.com



all rights reserved


Dusty Nix & iD the Poet San Diego, California

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Track Name: Buried In The Wake
iD the Poet:

My spokes go in slow-motion
some are bent and some are broken
Winter's dead and Summer's frozen
love hurts when never spoken
I'm counting down backwards because these days move quick
And when I find the words I put it into lyrics
observing the feet; shuffling herds
searching for sustenance
I'm one of them wandering beyond the cement
you're claiming island even though we're all continents
confident in chaos because the greater forces are dominant
white-knuckled trying to squeeze the life out of a ghost
'let it go' I repeat 'let it go'
you're red faced trying to shoot the sky down with a bow and arrow I repeat 'let it go'

Falling, drowning, down to the bottom now
I try to wade but I cannot swim
Barely breathing, floating away, I'm buried in the wake
I try to wade but I cannot swim
Feeling the water fill my lungs I start to fade
I try to wade but I cannot swim
Sleeping beneath the surface I'm buried in the wake
I try to wade but I cannot swim

Dusty Nix:

I swim with intention and some might judge and say i'm on the side of evil
I'm just your equal there never is a man that is beneath you
We can teach each other by the way that we all react to people
Let it go completely and it's a cycle that will have no sequel
I stayed up late meditating on the way to fit the pieces
Medicating on a strain to help me to achieve this
Humble is not weakness
Silence may be golden
Or violence that withholding
For a moment left to smolder
Buried with a smile in an attempt to control
And i'm reaching for a cannon drawing from an empty holster
Buried in the wake and looking for a roller coaster
Don't make no mistakes and coming around the corner getting slower
Evil control trying to keep its position 'let it go' I repeat 'let it go'
See this Ego respond from getting beat into submission 'let it go I repeat 'let it go'
Track Name: Particles and Waves
Dusty Nix:

will I ever adjust to the measurements of time
physical experiences i'm left to design
if I can hold a flower in my hand that's alive
realize it as light that has agreed to die
before conception
still the essence resonates in this space of mine
collectively we all accept objects defined
seldom challenging the questions of projection
thought I saw the sun in my reflection
mirrored by the image of a Real D perspective
senses interact unless actions lose connection
break it down into a fraction
my left is a reaction to right brain faction
polarities are the further most point of either side
the binary code that corrects the divide
my vehicle is a temple that contains three eyes
and each one sees to relieve these cries.


as i move towards the sound it begins to dissolve and washes away
singing songs among the ether dancing particles and waves

iD the Poet:

i sit up straight spine pointed at the sky
i align with the universe until it moves aside
moving minds mine shown through the diamond
prism-head bend back the light just to find them
we're the particles manifesting into frequencies
sound pushing the air
through the holes in our machinery
chemical and waterways
memories and second takes
elements of everyone defining our landscape
and if it means we're the dream of a lonely king
holding earthly things like a lamp or phone that never rings
our energy is kinetic if you finally set it free
we're the matter of the earth of the sky and the sea
see the rhythm isn't learned we need the beat to breathe
vibrations make it blue enough or green enough to see
a silent synapse collapsing at your feet
like a wave of loud love vibrating through your being